is the French acronym for which mean founded in Paris in 1940. After the 79 years of existence, currently operating in more than 60 countries with 120 professional organisations, combined membership over 1.5milions members. Considered to be largest real estate association in the world

is a center of real-estate professionals involved in the property industry in the role of sharing and exchanging knowledge and news in a real estate matter both national and international level. The real estate profession included

Member of spread across the public sector, in policymaker,policyplanner, as well as the commercial sector, land developer, commercial consultant, residential, retail center, industrial, leisure, rural and agricultural estate, established a powerful connection of knowledge in the real estate industry.

The most respectable in the association is to be a winner of , The international real estate development project competition judging by the most honorable member of across the world. The award-winning project will regcognized as the most remarkable project, althought there is another competition similarly but this award from is acknowledged as most outstanding among the other.

There also has , the largest real estate exhibition of the world organizing every year in Cannes. Also, , the other exhibition that has some connection with the UN. or, who give a Diploma called "FIABCI Diploma" to the student.

Whoever wants to be a member of , wants to be a director of , wants to be the president of Thailand, wants to participate in the various branches of committees in the world, wants to do international real estate business, wants to invest in another country or want to invite investors from other countries to invest in us. Please contact the president of FIABCI Thai. We are not aimed for the profit, instead, we aimed for the greatness and reputation of our nation.

Become a member now. Because this is our door to the international.

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